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The Marijuana industry continues to sky rocket..

 By this summer more people could be using medical marijuana for illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Three other conditions under consideration are autism spectrum disorder, opioid use disorder and insomnia.

“I think at first people will think it will help them get to sleep, and once you take it normally and people build up this tolerance that doesn’t allow you to sleep without it,” said Cara Gramley, a licensed professional counselor. “I think marijuana would be a deterrent to getting better sleep in the long run.”

Every year, approximately 15 million people are diagnosed with clinical depression. Women suffer the most, then men, then the elderly.

Children suffer from depression too.

The advisory committee of four medical-board members is planning a Wednesday vote to recommend the additions, with the full 12-member medical board’s final vote next month.

Do you feel mental illness should be treated with marijuana?