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STRASBOURG, FRANCE - MAY 18: Italian students from the Primo Levi Technical Institute of Vignola in the Modena Province, toast with glasses of beer in a pub during a school trip to Strasbourg, France to visit the European Parliament on May 18, 2004. School trips can be a sort of initiation trip for teenagers, where they are introduced for the first time to alcohol and drugs. Many times they don't sleep for the whole trip. The trips often allow the students to get to know each other better. If one is considered "different" than the group, it can be a nightmare experience for the teenager. Mainly the teenagers are only interested in clubs, shopping and having a pizza instead of the cultural aspects of the school trip. (Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

Detroit is about to get its own stock market-inspired beer bar!

The founders of the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange have leased space inside the Stevens Building at 1258 Washington Blvd., Crain’s reports.

The original Kalamazoo Beer Exchange is very similar to the stock market with a supply-and-demand idea. TVs throughout the building list the prices of the draft beer list. If customers begin to purchase one beer more than the others, the price on that beer rises and then falls when demand for the beer decreases. Occasionally the market “crashes” and the prices will fall for a limited time.

The owners declined to provide specifics on the timeline for opening day or the design. MLCC liquor licensing records suggest that the location will feature two bars. It also holds a license for to-go beer sales.

This will be something to watch!

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