Is this what you would call a “clean” break?

Last week in Marlborough, Massachusetts a man’s home was broken into. Nothing was taken, but 44-year-old Nate Roman’s house was sparkling clean!

Roman tells The Boston Globe that when he came home after work on My 15, he just knew someone had been there.

(Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images)

Nothing had been stolen , but Roman noticed the toilets were scrubbed clean, the beds were made, and the rugs were vacuumed. The toilet paper rolls were even decorated with origami roses!

Roman contacted the police claiming this experience “weird and creepy.”

Sgt. Daniel Campbell says they haven’t heard of an episode like that and have no suspects in question.

Roman says he thinks maybe a housekeeping service could have mistakenly entered his home because he may had left his back door unlocked.

What would YOU do if you came home to a clean house , but didn’t know who did it?