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A Cleveland boy raised thousands of dollars to help police officers and their K9 partners across the United States…

Brady Snakorvsky, 9, was watching “Live PD” with his mom when he discovered the officers had bulletproof vests, but their police dogs did not.

Brady and his mom did some research and discovered that most K9 units are self-funded, so many stations cannot afford vests for police dogs.

K-9 Police Teams Hold Graduation Ceremony In Miami

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

They started a GoFundMe campaign and raised $80,000 for the vests!

With this money, Brady was able to purchase vests for 79 police dogs across the country.

The company that sells the bulletproof vests was touched by Brady’s mission, and they agreed to sell the $1,200 vests for a discounted price of $950.

Have YOU ever made a GoFundMe campaign? If so, how much money was raised for your cause?

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