Jeopardy is Coming for Whoever Leaked the Footage!

Ryan J. Thompson/Shutterstock

Footage of James Holzhauer losing on "Jeopardy!" on Monday leaked ahead of time, and the producers are coming for the culprit!

They believe they know who did it, but they aren't releasing names. However, once they confirm the leaker's identity, they plan on taking, quote, "very, very, very appropriate" action.

The fact that the show leaked actually probably helped their ratings because Monday's episode was the highest-rated of James' run because everyone was tuning in to see how he lost!

Uproxx has collected a bunch of people's silly conspiracy theories about James' loss Including the idea that he lost on purpose because his daughter wanted him to come home.

Here's his response:

James Holzhauer on Twitter

Sure, I could stick around and play a game that pays me $150,000 per hour, but I'd really rather get toys thrown at my crotch for free