These 5 Jobs Make A LOT Of Money & Are Easy To Get Into..

5 Jobs that are easy to get into and make great money!

1. Garbage collectors in New York ($100k+).

Pay up to $112,000 a year in salary and this job requires NO degree.

2. A closed caption broadcaster for the news (up to $72k).

Work from home as a closed caption broadcaster for the news. You can make your own schedule and make between $35-$65 per hour depending on the job.


3. A mobile crane operator ($200k+).

Mobile crane operator. Union guys pull over $200,000 a year salary.


4. A bathroom attendant in a fancy restaurant ($100+ per night).

You can make hundreds of dollars a night in cash to do next to nothing.

5. A Trader Joe's manager ($100k+).

General managers of stores make $100,000+. Assistant store managers make $60,000-80,000/year.