60SecondBuzz: Rick James Biopic In The Works--Research Confirms Black Really Don’t Crack!--Nas & Will Smith Invest In App To Help Teens

Rick James Biopic In The Works...

No cast or director have been chosen yet but, a Rick James biopic is in pre-production stage.

Sources claim that it'll outshine Bohemian Rhapsody...

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In the 60's Rick James dodged the draft and fled to Canada where he started a band with an unknown musician named Neil Young.

They played together for 1 year until Rick James was arrested and ended up serving one year in jail.

Who do YOU think should play Rick James in the biopic?

Research Confirms That ‘Black Really Doesn't Crack!’

After all these years, it's true-black don't crack!

Now, we know why...

It was long believed that the premise of the phrase was rooted in the increased melanin in black people but, the claim is more than skin deep.

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Black people are not only born with denser bones in our faces, those bones also don't break down as quickly." New research confirms that black doesn't crack and the truth is in our bones: https://t.co/yGYOlhfMf5

According to Rutgers New Jersey Medical School,  it's all in the bones.

Black people have a denser facial bone structure which allows black faces to maintain structural support for a longer period of time keeping skin looking younger, longer.

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A @RutgersU Medical School study proves that black sho nuff don't crack. In other words, there isn't enough Botox in the world that can compete with Mother Nature. https://t.co/EjPNgotu0x Story in @PhillyInquirer

Did you think the phrase, 'black don't crack' was just a joke or did you know it was rooted to science??

Nas and Will Smith Invest in Mobile App to Help Teens...

Nas and Will Smith have invested in a new app called 'Step'.

The app is attached to a MasterCard allowing parents to view their child's transactions, add money and place restrictions on the account.

The service changes as the child gets older allowing them to buy books and computers when they go to college.

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Watch #WillSmith and #Nas invest in the banking industry with "Step" mobile app" on #YouTube https://t.co/5vWWMk1IRl

The CEO of the app said that it makes sense to teach kids about money management through an app since most of them make money purchases with their smartphones.

He started the app because schools don't teach kids about money.

How did YOU learn about money management growing up?

Or did you???

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