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Tune-Up Man

Weekends 3pm-7pm

Calling all pit masters, grill fanatics and BBQ fans; this gig has your name on it.

The job is simple get paid $10K and travel to some of the most notorious BBQ cities to find the best ribs in the country. Reynolds wrap will even let you bring a friend.



This is how the contest was launched last year (it is currently in it’s second year and looking for somebody to take the crown from the current and first champion Kari Blanks).


If you want to submit for this AWESOME job, just send in a picture of yourself grilling and tell them why you’re the best person for the job HERE

With 25+ years in the radio industry, Detroit native, Walter Neal aka "Tune-Up Man" has worked in radio sales, production, engineering and programming. He enjoys all things sports and is currently on-air weekends in Detroit.