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DETROIT - NOVEMBER 21: The General Motors (GM) world headquarters building stands tallest amidst the Renaissance Center in the skyline of city's downtown on November 21, 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. As car and truck sales have plummeted across the country, large inventories are building at dealerships and factories. The Big Three U.S. automakers, General Motors (GM), Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC, failed after appearing this week in Washington to receive money after asking the government for federal funds to curb the decline of the American auto industry. The city of Detroit, home to the Big Three, would be hardest hit if the government allows these auto makers to fall into bankruptcy. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A new report from the chamber of commerce picks these cities as the best In Michigan to live.

The report looked at cities with population over 25,000 and covers five essential factors, which are employment,housing,quality of life, education and health.

In total 2,500 cities were looked at and giving rankings.   In Michigan the top city to live in is…… Troy

The city of Troy population is affluent and well educated. Troy is also a college town. Home to campuses of over half a dozen universities. Other’s making the top 5 are Royal Oak, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester and Farmington.