Tune-Up Man

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CLEARFIELD, PA - MAY 5: Waitress Rachel Pittman hustles a burger to waiting customers at Denny's Beer Barrell in Clearfield, Pennysylvania. The establishment features a 15 pound burger for $39 that is free if the customer can finish it. (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

Would you Attempt to eat a 10 pound burger?

I don’t care how much of the munchies u may have but I doubt if u can finish this burger. The Ingredients are as follows 1o pounds of ground beef, two whole tomatoes, two whole onions, twenty slices of cheese. After baking for 45 minutes The burger is topped with two whole tomatoes 60 pickle chips  and one head of lettuce and a 12 inch bun for the price of$40.00. The challenge is if you finish in two hours they’ll give u cash an a t-shirt and more.

Over 1,400 people have tried in 14 years with only 12 finishing . It’s in Southgate Mallies Sports Grill an Bar.