As summer heats up, many people are blasting their car’s air conditioner…

However, some may click the air recirculation button without understanding what it does!

World Class Auto Service said the button is mainly used in the summer to help the vehicle get as cool as possible.

New Toyota Prius Hybrid car

Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

When pressed, the button recirculates the “kind-of-cool” air in the car from when the air conditioner is first turned on.

As the A/C stays on, the air continues to recirculate and get cooler.

If you don’t use the air recirculation button, the car will instead cool down the air from outside instead of the cooler air inside…

This makes the air conditioner work harder to cool down the hot air from outside.

However, the button has a negative effect when used in the winter…

According to World Class Auto Service, when used in cold weather, the button traps humidity in the car and can fog up the windows.

Do YOU use this button in your car? Did you know how it worked?