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Another year, another insurance increase!

From Fox 2 Detroit:

The claims rate has went up again. This time climbing another $28 to $220 each year, per car.

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, a state-created entity that reimburses insurers for personal injury protection benefits paid in excess of $555,000 per claim. The annual assessment was $192. It’s now $220.

The association says the hike is because of higher number of claims, rising medical costs, and lower-than-expected investment earnings.

The fee primarily covers care for people with brain, spinal cord, back and neck injuries.

Michigan is the only state that has unlimited lifetime coverage for medical expenses for injuries received in a car crash. The state also allows health providers to bill car insurers much more for care than health insurers pay.

The fee fluctuates every year, but this is the fourth straight year it’s gone up. Ten years ago, it was as low as $105 per vehicle.

Of the $220, $177 will cover anticipated new claims and expenses, and $43 will address a $3.9 billion deficit related to existing claims.

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