On Thursday, Toni Braxton testified in court for the case regarding her stolen engagement ring and other jewelry.

A male employee who works for an airplane cleaning service is currently on trial for allegedly going through a piece of carry-on luggage that the “Un-break My Heart” singer forgot after landing in Los Angeles, reports TMZ.

Three other employees from the cleaning service claim that they were on board of the Delta jet and saw the defendant steal Braxton’s $1million engagement ring from her fiance, Birdman, four pricey watches, and two pairs of vintage earrings.

Everything that was stolen from the singer and reality TV star cost a total of $2.5million, and it’s still missing.

Birdman gave the engagement ring to Braxton when he proposed to the Grammy Award-winning artist back in February 2018.

Toni Braxton said that the reason she didn’t have her ring on her finger at the time was that her fingers tend to swell when she flies as a result of her lupus disease.

When Braxton left the courthouse, she spoke to TMZ and told them that she has no clue what’s going to happen next yet. “Well I was just a witness, so I don’ t know yet,” she explained.

As far as what the famed singer would like to happen, Braxton said, “I would love for the person to have remorse and just turn it in.” She also stated that “Somebody got caught, according to LAPD.”

Toni Braxton Testifies as Victim in $2.5 Million Jewelry Theft | TMZ

Toni Braxton took an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth Thursday, and told a jury she's heartbroken that the guy on trial stole her engagement ring and other precious jewelry.


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