Former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee has returned from jail, and during a recent interview, she opened up about what lead to her arrest and her relationship with her daughter.

Lee explained that her daughter had brought edibles to school and passed them out to her classmates, which resulted in her daughter receiving a drug charge.

The reality TV star went on to share that when she was a child, she crushed up chalk in school and pretended to be a drug dealer, which resulted in her mother spanking her in front of the entire class.

When she got the call about her daughter bringing edibles to school, she decided to embarrass her daughter as her mother did her.

“Whoopings are a last resort for me. When it comes to my kids, I can count on my hand how many times I’ve had to get physical with them. We don’t have that type of relationship. I’m open with them about my life. About everything. They see everything. I don’t hide nothing. I don’t act like a person I’m not,” Lee said.

“When I got up there. She wasn’t even in class. I was asking her to take me to the class, and she said she didn’t know where the class was, so I’m like, ‘what.’ So I’m getting agitated and basically, she had on a hoodie and I took the hoodie and jacked her up by the hoodie. Now, they put all that extra on there. I jacked her up against the locker, but slam her head in the locker. I wouldn’t treat my daughter like that.”

She explained that the incident was caught on camera, but it doesn’t matter who saw it. “It just matters who’s reporting it…If I was to show you the tape right now, you’d say, ‘that’s crazy,'” Lee continued. “I felt like the teacher done called me three times. What else did you expect me to do?”

During the interview, Tommie Lee also explained the allegations that she stalked her daughter.

“The next day, when I bonded out so fast social media got a hold to the story, and basically I was at an event and they called me from the house like the news is out here,” Lee said.

The reality TV star stated that several news stations came to her house in an attempt to interview her children about the incident, while she was at dinner with her little sister who she also raises and her sister’s father to explain what transpired.

She said that when she got the call from her children about the media, she immediately came home to tell the news outlets “get off my f***ing property,” and then the police arrived.

“I went in the house for 20 minutes, and then the police came back to my door. They just arrested me and said I was stalking my daughter. They said they had a conversation with my daughter at school, and she said that I walked her to school that morning and I cooked her breakfast, which is untrue because I was filming like from the time I got out of jail I was straight in the car. Had to be to set at 8 o’clock in the morning. We were filming the paintball scene in the woods. We had to drive an hour away. So that’s untrue. But like that’s just what I went through but they did that.,” Lee continued to explain.

She said that she feels as if the white guy from her daughter’s school who pressed charges on her found out who she was and didn’t like the fact that she just “bust down and bailed out.”

Her daughter supposedly, found the edibles in the back of a plane seat, on a flight that Lee sent her children on back home, after a spring break trip in Florida. Lee plead out for a lesser charge, so she could get back to her children faster, but she said that she regrets pleading out.

“I really feel like children do need discipline. I feel like the way I handled it, in front of them. My lawyer told me, ‘ a billion kids got their a** whooped that day. The only difference between you is you just did it on camera.’ I really think that kids need discipline, not physical but I just think that these children need discipline,” the mother of two said.

“I’m not going to see my daughters go to juvenile. I’m not going to see them go to jail or prison or none of that. I did all of that, so if I can help not to make the same mistakes then that’s what I’m here to do.”

In January, Lee was indicted on multiple child abuse charges and had faced 54 years in jail, as TMZ reported. The reality TV star was hit with seven charges in the indictment, three of which were felonies. The rest of the charges were misdemeanors. After serving only a year, Lee has been out of jail for a week, and she’s currently on probation.

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