Jermaine Dupri recently defended his statement regarding women rappers simply being “strippers,” which went viral nearly a week ago.

The Atlanta producer recently spoke with TMZ regarding his comments.

Jermaine Dupri Defends His 'Stripper Rap' Comments | TMZ

A lot has been made of Jermaine Dupri's comments about female rappers -- but he wants to set the record straight on what was and wasn't said ... straight from the horse's mouth. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the way the public gets their news.

During the interview, Dupri said that when heard Cardi B’s response to his statement, he felt like the Bronx rapper had probably already heard that comment before.

“I feel like it’s something that people had already been talking about. Mine just became the loudest,” Dupri said.

“It’s a million artists rapping. It’s a million female rappers that’s out here rapping,” JD continued before stating that his comment was specifically geared towards the three women rappers that the interviewer asked him about.

Dupri claimed that his statement wasn’t about female rap in general, but everybody turned it into that. “I never said all female rappers. I never said that one time,” Dupri said.

“The one thing I want to make sure I’m clear on is people keep saying ‘sexist.’ I’m far from a sexist. Let’s not do that. That’s terrible,” Dupri continued.

He went on to say that he doesn’t regret what he said before promoting his forthcoming So So Def Female Cypher.

Watch the clip above.



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