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For the new 2019-2020 school year, South Dakota public schools will be required to display the national motto: “In God We Trust.”

A bill that was signed by Gov. Kristi Noem mandates that the words be on display for students to see.

The display can be on anything the principal feels is appropriate.

However, the display must be at least 12 inches square and must be in a prominent location.

“A prominent location is a school entryway, cafeteria, or other common area where students are most likely to see the national motto display,” the bill said.

The bill also protects the schools from legal trouble that may arise as well. Any schools that face a lawsuit or complaint as a result will be defended by the state attorney general at no cost. If the schools become responsible for legal fees or monetary damages, the state will take those on.

The board has heard complaints about how this decision is insensitive to those of non-Christian backgrounds.

Do you agree with this decision?

Here’s more on this from WXYZ.

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