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Have you ever found something scary in a hotel room?

When staying at a nice hotel, you expect that your room will be free of any unwanted guests. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one Tennessee woman who woke to find a snake resting on her in an East Memphis hotel.

According to a post on her Facebook page, Melinda Major said she booked a stay at a Hampton’s Inn while traveling to East Memphis for a doctor’s appointment in the area. But, when she woke Friday morning, she discovered the scaly, garden snake slithering around on her arm. She posted a photo of the strange snake she discovered in bed to her Facebook page on Friday, describing her reaction.

Melinda Major

Yeah, this happened today! I'm in Memphis for an appt and wake up in my hotel room feeling something on my arm...I first thought, well it's just my hubby trying to snuggle but then quickly realized.....

Would you stay at that hotel again?