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DETROIT, MI - FEBRUARY 24: A public transportation system known as a People Mover moves above a street February 24, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. The city of Detroit has faced serious economic challenges in the past decade, with a shrinking population and tax base while trying to maintain essential services. A financial review team issued a finding on February 19 identifying the city as being under a 'financial emergency.' Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has 30 days from the report's issuance to officially declare a financial emergency, which could result in the governor appointing an emergency financial manager to oversee Detroit's municipal government. (Photo by J.D. Pooley/Getty Images)

Happy 32nd Birthday to Detroit’s own people mover! Do you remember your first ride?

The Detroit People Mover opened on July 31, 1987 and has provided over 2 million trips as part of its daily schedule.

Riders continue to say yes to this downtown public transportation system by economically supporting the hundreds of small businesses, entertainment and hospitality venues located near its 13 convenient stations.

Join us in celebrating 32 years of moving and shaking on the Detroit People Mover!