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Mike Tyson Reveals he Smokes $40K of Weed Monthly

Mike Tyson may have a habit.

The former heavyweight boxer revealed in a podcast that he smokes $40,000 in weed a month.



Tyson says that’s about 10 tons of weed from a ranch.

Mike Tyson is a cannabis advocate, so it may not come as a surprise.

Ludacris gives a shout out to Detroit! Read about it HERE!

Facebook Admits to Transcribing Messenger Chats

As Facebook officials continue fending off privacy violation accusations, a report has surfaced that claims the Internet giant contracted outside help to transcribe recordings of users.

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Bloomberg news, citing “sources familiar with the matter,” on Tuesday claimed Facebook hired workers to transcribe voice conversations users had while using the Messenger app.

Facebook officials don’t deny the charge.

They say the users in question had chosen the option to have their chats transcribed, and the company had brought in outside help to double-check the accuracy of the website’s artificial intelligence transcription technology.

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They say the project has ended and conversations are no longer being transcribed.

How could any company have the time to monitor everybody?

Cardi B. Has an Interview with Bernie Sanders. Watch a clip HERE!

“I’ll Be Married Before My Album Comes Out”Nicki Minaj Says She’ll Be Tying The Knot In The Next 80 Days

Nicki Minaj is serious about getting married to Kenneth Petty.

The rapper says she will be tying the knot with him in about 80 days.




She made the announcement on her Queen Radio show on Monday.

They previously applied for a marriage license, but it expired due to traveling conflicts.

Do YOU think their relationship will last?