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For those who don’t know, Joanna from The Gello Show is adopted and is trying to learn more about her birth family…

She took a DNA test and discovered she has a half sister!

Joanna reached out to her half sister, Amy…

Joanna talks to her Biological Half-Sister for the First Time!

Joanna from The Gello Show is adopted, so she recently took a DNA test to learn about her birth family...and discovered she has a half sister!!! Hear Joanna's first conversation with her half sister, and what was revealed to Joanna, below...????????❤️ The Gello Show

And Gello, Joanna and Amy all spoke to each other on the phone for the first time!

Amy revealed to Joanna that have the same father, so they are trying to figure out who Joanna’s mother is.

Listen to part of the conversation below…

Full Conversation below…

In the first part of the segment, Gello reads Joanna’s DNA test results and Joanna has an emotional conversation with her mom, Alice! Hear it HERE!

In the second part of the segment, Joanna discovered she has a half sister live on the air! Hear it HERE!

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