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Suspect In Custody Following Philadelphia Police Shooting

After a standoff that lasted many hours, a suspect in the recent hostage and shooting in Philadelphia has been arrested.

Two officers and four women were trapped in a house with the suspect for many hours on Wednesday, August 14…

Miami Police Department Launches Anti-Street Violence Campaign

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

However, they were eventually freed by SWAT teams.

Six officers were shot, but all have survived.

They have all been released from local hospitals and are in “good spirits,” according to the Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney.

Were YOU following the shooting and hostage situation as it was happening?

The Reason Why Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Broke Up…

This is probably the opposite of what you’ve been thinking, but it may have actually been Liam Hemsworth’s partying that drove him and Miley Cyrus apart!

A source told “People” magazine, “Everyone always thinks Miley is problematic and immature and a hardcore partier while he’s this chill surfer dude…[But] Liam parties with his friends, and Miley thinks he should’ve grown out of that by now…He can also lash out at her, and he hates the attention their ups and downs bring.”

2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

TMZ claims that Liam is also using “certain drugs” that Miley doesn’t approve of.

However, friends of Liam told TMZ that Miley’s people are making this up in order to hide the fact that they broke up over Miley’s infidelity!

Why do YOU think Liam and Miley broke up?

White Woman Calls Police Because A Black Man “Looked At Her Suspiciously” In Royal Oak

A black man was stopped by Royal Oak Police on Tuesday after a white woman reported him for “looking suspiciously” at her.

20-year-old Devin Myers was stopped while walking down the street by police who received a call from a woman parked in a nearby CVS parking lot because he was allegedly looking at her suspiciously.

The Facebook Live video was recorded by a bystander named Kimiko Adolph, who did not know Myers and wasn’t even from the area.

Wow: Police Stop Black Man For "Looking Suspiciously" At A White Woman In Royal Oak, Michigan!

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Myers is calm throughout the video and he even apologized to the officers “for wasting your guys’ time.”

In the video, the owner of a nearby restaurant, The Inn Café, vouched for Myers…

When the supervisor tells Myers he is free to go, there are four Royal Oak Police officers at the scene…

None of the officers have been identified.

What do YOU think of the situation?