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Whether you hide in the bathroom or go to your car, you’re not the only one who cries at work!

Don’t feel like you need to hide to get your cry on because chances are, your coworkers are on the verge of breaking down too!

According to a new survey by Monster.com, eight out of 10 people admit they’ve cried at work. And 14% cry at least once a week which includes 5% of people who cry DAILY. Damn!

So what’s making us cry?

1. Our boss or coworkers.

2. Personal issues.

3. Feeling overwhelmed by our workload.

4. Bullying.

5. A client.

6. Making a mistake.

It takes a lot for me to cry these days, especially involving work, but IF I was having a breakdown, I’d definitely hide somewhere. No one wants to see J. Steele ugly cry!

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