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Spider-Man Might Be Out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?!

Spider-Man might be done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe because of a financial dispute between Marvel and Sony…

Sony still has two “Spider-Man” movies in development with Tom Holland.

If you didn’t know, Marvel doesn’t own the film rights to the character…Sony does.


5/19/97 Universal City, Ca Stan Lee at the "Marvel Mania" restaurant at Universal City Hollywood.

But several years ago, the two studios made a deal to SHARE Spider-Man, so they could make him part of the Marval Comic Universe, and he became a HUGE part of it. 

But Marvel wanted a bigger piece of the pie, Sony said no, and now…as it currently stands…the deal is OVER.

Sony is still developing two more “Spider-Man” movies with Tom Holland, plus a “Venom” sequel and other films involving Spider-Man characters.

Are YOU bummed at the possibility of there being no more Spider Man movies?

Which Spider Man movie was YOUR favorite?