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Why couldn’t this have been a thing when I was in school?

The Daily Mail claims a Texas elementary school teacher is making international headlines because she has implemented a ‘no homework’ policy. Riechelle Terry wants students to spend more quality time with their family than working on homework assignments. Hmm…

The second grade teacher tells Yahoo News, ”People are so torn and thrown in 90 directions and they need time to kick back and be together. So I want to give them time to be a kid. Kids need to be kids. Family time is what they need.”

Of course when Terry told her students, they erupted with cheers.

Here are some quotes from the Internet:

‘Good for her, finally sometime has some sense. There’s no real purpose in homework.’

‘The teachers half the time don’t check it or the teacher checks it, then give it back and never goes over it with the children so they have no clue why they got the answer wrong. ‘

‘Another joke for a teacher. Most kids don’t have discipline and direction at home or at school now. Quit making excuses for them and be a real teacher.’

‘You can never climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket.’

I’m indifferent. I understand her being in support of family time, but I also think homework helps you master a subject. However, I barely remember anything from school. Here’s more of my opinion:

A elementary school teacher in Texas... - 105.1 The Bounce

A elementary school teacher in Texas implemented a "No Homework Policy. Good or bad idea? - J Steele

What’s your take?

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