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Just when we thought the Antonio Brown was saga was FINALLY over… you should know better.

Wide Receiver Antonio Brown has been in the news because of his drama with the Oakland Raiders that ended up in getting him released. The same day he signed with the New England Patriots.

On Friday before he got released, he posted a YouTube video that included a recorded phone conversation with Raiders coach, Jon Gruden. Here’s the problem: He never got consent to record that phone call. In California, recording a phone conversation without consent is a crime that carries a maximum one year jail sentence!

While Gruden hasn’t publicly said that he had a problem with the call, he could technically go after AB and put him in all kinds of legal trouble and truth be told, I wouldn’t blame him! AB caused a major distraction to the Oakland locker room and crushed just about every fan’s dreams.

Do you think Gruden and the Raiders should go after Brown?

Photo Credit: AP