Kevin Hart is back on his feet less than a week after his back was broken in a car wreck in Los Angeles

While he’s in a lot of pain, he started physical therapy over the weekend…

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An insider said that while he’s already walking, he’s nowhere near being okay.

He’s in a lot pain and moving slowly, but his mood is good as physical therapy started over the weekend.

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Meanwhile, we’re finding out more about the crash… For one, Hart’s car wasn’t as safe as it should’ve been. spite of having a 720 horsepower engine, the souped up 1970 Plymouth Barracuda didn’t have a five-point harness and a roll cage.

Experts say that if the car had been properly equipped, Kevin might not have gotten hurt so badly.

TMZ reached out to SpeedKore, the company that tricked out Kevin’s car, to find out about the safety features, but they had no comment.

(Source: TMZ)