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DETROIT Youth Choir WOW Judges In AGT Semifinals!!!

After their rousing performance this past Tuesday night, the Detroit Youth Choir’s chances of making it to the AGT finals are riding high, and YOU can vote to get them to the finals!


Click HERE to vote for DETROIT YOUTH CHOIR on America’s Got Talent!!! 

Check out their performance in the final from last night, below:


Cardi B Shows JLo How To Work The Stage

Jennifer Lopez made an appearance on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday night to promote her new film, “Hustlers”.

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Lopez gave host Jimmy Fallon the rundown on how she got rapper, Cardi B to appear in the film.

Regarding  the physical difficulty for her role as a stripper who finesses money from high rollers on Wall Street, Lopez said, “It’s like acrobats, it’s like learning gymnastics or something you know, but with a pole, it was super hard.”

That’s when Lopez reached out to Cardi for some pointers.

Lopez thought it made perfect sense to get Cardi B involved in the movie. “I said, ‘you have to be in this movie. You know this world. You know this world, you could teach us.”

How well did JLo and the rest of the cast pick up the lessons Cardi was handing out? Find out this Friday when “Hustlers” hits theaters nationwide!


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