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GLASGOW - DECEMBER 06: In this photo illustration a man holds up some credit and debit cards on December 6, 2007 in Glasgow,Scotland.The British economy is beginning to feel the effects of the credit crisis which began this year. House prices have begun to fall and the retail sector is predicting a difficult Christmas period. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

A Tokyo cashier with a photographic memory was busted when he used his natural ability to rip off credit card information from more than 1,000 customers — and go on a shopping spree. The part-time employee who worked in the Koto neighborhood was arrested Thursday for allegedly using the stolen credit card information to make 270,000 Japanese yen ($2,600) in online purchases. Sources with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department said the cashier memorized customers’ credit card information while ringing them up at a Koto mall. He allegedly then went on the spending spree back in March, using stolen credit cards from a staggering 1,300 customers. The suspect reportedly has a so-called ‘photographic memory’ and police discovered the worker had a notebook with the credit card details written down. The unnamed man remains in police custody, though he hasn’t been charged for the theft.