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Opening Day nears for tigers at Detroit Zoo as new habitat will be unveiled…

It is the day before the public unveiling for two new tigers at the Detroit Zoo, and the animals are settling into their new $3.5 million habitat: the Devereaux Tiger Forest.

The renovated and expanded habitat was made possible in part by a $1 million gift from the Richard C. Devereaux Foundation.

It’s filled with trees, a waterfall, two pools, a revamped catnap cave (yes, that’s a thing), and it occupies one acre — quadruple the size of the former tiger digs — in the zoo’s Asian Forest and is located across from the Holtzman Wildlife Foundation Red Panda Forest.

Two new tigers,  Nikolai and Aleksei now join Kisa, a female Amur tiger that was born at the Detroit Zoo in 2003, and at 16, is considered a senior.

“The two brothers grew up together, but you don’t find tigers in groups, except during mating season,” he said. “Tigers don’t live in social groups in the wild, and they don’t embrace strange tigers, unlike lions, who live in prides.”

The Amur tiger is listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

“I think there are only about 500 left in the world,” Kagan said.”Obviously, with all of our animals, we want them to really thrive, not simply be on display.”

The space was created to resemble the tigers’ native landscape of far eastern Russia, and it also includes elevated vantage points, open spaces and wooded areas.

In addition to the Devereaux Foundation, support also was provided by the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation and many individual donors, as well as contributions from the 2017 “Giving Zoo Day” fundraising campaign and proceeds from this year’s “Sunset at the Zoo” Asian Forest gala.

The predictions are pretty scary in terms of the rates of extinction.”

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