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Not to put her on blast but… JUST KIDDING!

I actually think my girlfriend handles her money well. She is never late on rent or bills and she has enough money to eat and get around. She knows how important saving is so we try to consistently get better with how much we put back every month. However, this clearly isn’t the case for everyone.

An annual survey called “Couples and Money” found 1 in 5 people in relationships think their partner is bad with money. Here’s the crazy part: IF that’s how you feel, you’re over 10 times more likely to break up. Check these stats out:

1. 78% of people in serious relationships manage their finances together, as a couple. 22% deal with it separately (sounds like a problem…)

2. 19% would never spend a large chunk of money on something without talking about it first. But 1 in 5 people said they’d spend over $500 . . . and 5% of us would spend over TEN GRAND without even mentioning it. REALLY?!

3. 1 in 8 people in relationships have HIDDEN a secret purchase from their partner in the last six months. Around 1 in 8 also have a secret bank account or credit card. I believe those are probably those living a secret life.

4. 1 in 11 have a secret retirement account . . . 1 in 14 have a secret life insurance policy . . . and 6% of us have a secret will.

One more random stat from the survey: 25% of people in relationships said they’d spend $100 on a gift if they knew it would immediately end a fight. I have a problem with this one. I’m not going to pay you to be happy with me. We can talk it out FOR FREE.

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