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Hazel Park officer and K9 need votes to win a new SUV!

The contest is made possible through “Vested Interest in K9s,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing law enforcement dogs with vests.

Right now, Officer Kasdorf and Lando are driving in a 2015 Ford Explorer, just shy of 74,000 miles…

“We do have some new cars that are definitely getting older, that were getting more repairs that are needed to be done, some transmission issues a few other things that are getting costly,” said Police Chief Brian Buchholz.

There have been issues with the AC and the transmission, plus there is limited room for Lando’s supplies. The signal on the heat alarm system is old.

For Officer Kasdorf, it’s of the utmost importance to keep Lando safe and happy, and that means having a new ride with more space and better safety features.

“Let me not get choked up about it, I would. Everybody says, ‘You know, oh, does he have a vest, you know, for in case he gets shot?’ I would probably take a bullet for this dog,” Officer Kasdorf said.

People can vote once a day until the end of October – Click HERE to vote!!!

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