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Surprise them with an after-school snack: Most after-school snacks should be on the healthy side, but for the first day, perhaps some ice cream could be in order. For high school kids, maybe their favorite coffee drink.

A new frozen dessert has become the rage in Ecuador, routinely selling out at restaurants and grocery stores alike: guinea pig-flavored ice cream.

The rodent-infused dairy treat was invented by Maria Del Carmen Pilapana, who introduced the exotic dish at her food stand — and soon found herself selling more than 150 servings a day, she says. While people who aren’t accustomed to devouring their children’s pets might take solace in thinking the ice cream is only guinea pig-flavored, it should be noted that the dessert’s name is misleading. Pilapana says the main ingredient in her creation is a special paste, which she makes from a guinea pig’s flesh.

What’s the most “exotic” food you’ve tasted? Would you be willing to try guinea pig-flavored ice cream?