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A Texas babysitter is facing criminal charges after she left the children she was watching for a few minutes to pick up food. While that might sound a little harsh, it should be noted that the kids burned down a motel while she was gone.

The incident happened Tuesday at a Motel 6 in Spring. Tara Elizabeth Piccione, 31, was babysitting a boy and a girl, ages 3 and 6, when she left to get a pizza, according to an incident report. While she was gone, the kids began playing with a lighter and accidentally set the bed on fire. The fire quickly spread throughout the entire 30-room structure and into an adjacent building, firefighters say. Seven people had to be hospitalized and 30 families were displaced in the blaze.

In the midst of it all, witnesses reported seeing Piccione return to the motel with a pizza in her hand. That was the last anyone has seen of her, police say. She’s now the subject of a manhunt.

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