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Halloween Tips and Tricks

Olson/Getty Images)

With Halloween only a couple weeks away, there will be a lot of candy flying off store shelves. And depending on the state, that candy type varies.

A recent study determined which candy is the most popular in America. Overall, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups dominated as the most popular candy in 12 states, including Washington,  Oregon, and Arizona. However, within major cities, M&Ms are the favorite. Some cities that love M&Ms include New York City, San Diego, and San Antonio. The least favorite candies in the U.S are AirHeads, Gummy Bears, Nerd, and SweeTarts.

The average amount that parents spend on candy for Halloween is $35.01; for adults who don’t have kids, it’s $25.64.  Meanwhile, 52% of participants in the study believe that Halloween should be moved to the last Saturday in October, and three out of four people choose to stay home and give out Halloween candy instead of going out.

To see the full breakdown of favorite candy by state, go here.