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Mike Posner was on his feet for 6 months taking a walk across the country and he ended up walking damn near 3000 miles!

He completed the trip from New Jersey to California finishing up at Venice Beach. The total amount of miles he walked was 2,851. He celebrated when he reached the sand on Venice Beach by jumping in the ocean!

He put not only his body at risk doing the walk, but his life at risk as well! Back in August, he was bitten by a baby rattlesnake as he walking across Colorado. After just a few days in the hospital, he got back on his feet using a walker to finish his journey.

He said that the deaths of his father and Avicii inspired him to make the trip, and he hoped to inspire others to achieve their own personal goals.

He set a personal goal of reaching Cali by October and he made perfect timing!

Way to make the D proud, Mike!

Photo Credit: TMZ