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The struggle is real ladies…

Alright ladies, let’s be honest… boobs are great, except when you have to deal with the “BS” that comes along with them. That right, the infamous and highly dreaded “boob sweat.”

But don’t “sweat”, my pet (see what we did there)! Our prayers have been answered in the form of chicken cutlet looking ice packs. Yes, you heard that right. Ice-packs that are now bra-insertable and help keep the twins cool and comfortable! No more having to tuck paper towel in strange crevices or having to throw on a jacket to hide embarrassing sweat marks!

The item is called Cool58 Bra Coolers by Polar Products. Pop them in the fridge or freezer for an hour, the company claims, and the boob packs chill out to a comfortable 58 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to keep you cool without icing over your assets. The effects last up to two hours.

They come in two sizes: one for cups A through C, another for D cups and up. They’re machine washable (thank God) and cost $37.11 for a set of two.

So tonight, we will be saying a special prayer…thanking the good Lord for the creation of this product!