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When asked “do you have Netflix?”, a large number of Americans would respond “yes”.  The question “do you pay for Netflix?” would result in a totally different outcome.

The streaming giant has become a staple in nearly every American home.  People can’t help but binge watch their favorite shows the second Netflix releases them.

However, many people do not actually pay for their own Netflix account; they simply borrow usernames and passwords from friends and relatives rather than pay for it themselves.

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This represents a HUGE financial burden for Netflix.  The business blog The Motley Fool estimates that account sharing costs Netflix hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

During a quarterly earnings call earlier this week, Netflix Product Chief stated that the company is aware of account sharing and may take measures soon to limit the number of devices that can be attached to an account.

Do you have access to Netflix?  Do you pay for it?  If you do not pay for Netflix, how will you respond if Netflix stops you from using your friend or family member’s account?

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