When being placed under arrest, every person reacts a little differently.  Some get angry and scream, others get scared and cry.

Then there’s April Teale of Alabama.  When she was placed under arrest inside of a Waffle House after the Alabama vs Tennessee football game last weekend, she responded to her arrest in bizarre fashion.

April didn’t cry, April didn’t scream, April didn’t even laugh.  Instead, she decided to grind on the officer that was placing her under arrest.

But she didn’t just stop at grinding; she was also sure to talk dirty to the cop!

Teale was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment.  After her arrest, she took to her Instagram to ask for donations, stating “Went through some legal trouble, if you wanna throw me $5, Venmo me.  I’d like that.”

At this time, it is unclear if she has been charged specifically for the grinding, though it is quite possibly the reason for the harassment charge.

Shoutout to April Teale, today’s #DBagOfTheDay!!!