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When Eminem released his album Kamikaze last year, the lead track The Ringer had lyrics in which Eminem claimed that the Secret Service visited him about anti-Trump lyrics in the song.

At the time of this song, the Secret Service refused to comment on whether or not they had interviewed Eminem.  In response, BuzzFeed filed a Freedom of Information Act request for any files the Secret Service may have on Eminem.

This week, the Secret Service fulfilled the request.  They turned over 40 pages of documents that prove that the Secret Service did speak to Eminem.

In the documents, the Secret Service describes Eminem as “exhibiting inappropriate behavior” and that he “threatens protectee”.  In this case, the “protectee” is President Trump.

The investigation happened after a TMZ Employee reported the lyrics to the Secret Service in hope of getting a statement from them about the rapper’s lyrics.  While that ploy did not work, it seems to have set off an actual investigation into Slim Shady.

Here are all 40 pages of documents, as released by the Secret Service.  Because they were acquired via a Freedom of Information Act request, these records are public:


LEOPOLD Secret Service FOIA Eminem

Source document contributed to DocumentCloud by Jason Leopold (Jason Leopold Investigations).

What do you think about the Secret Service’s investigation of Eminem?  Should statements made by artists in their work be taken so seriously?

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