FLORENCE, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 05: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend attend the White Party Dinner Hosted by Andrea and Veronica Bocelli Celebrating Celebrity Fight Night In Italy Benefitting The Andrea Bocelli Foundation and The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center on September 5, 2014 at the Bocelli Residence in Forte dei Marme, Italy. (Photo by Andrew Goodman/Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night)

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are on the December issue of Vanity Fair, and they talk about everything from her popularity, Trump, and John’s new Christmas music.


John Legend says that at a recent event, he and Barack Obama bonded over their spouses. He says, “We joked about how our wives are loved more than we are now.” He adds, ” I always think she should do more.”

The couple is known for their dislike for the President, and John talks about it, saying, “We know the President has an aversion to strong women coming after him, particularly women of color. So he had to call her out. Every time he does something like this, he just makes himself look more terrible. I don’t know that that incrementally convinces anyone not to vote for him, but he just proves himself to be a s—ty human being every day.”

John Legend also talks about upcoming music. He plans on releasing new Christmas music, and he explains that he and Kelly Clarkson will do a remake of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with updated, more sensitive lyrics. He shared some, saying the song will say, “What will my friends think/I think they should rejoice/If I have one more drink?/ It’s your body, and your choice.”