The comedy and acting world was shook earlier this week when the news of “Pops” John Witherspoon’s passing.  Fans and fellow comedians took to social media all day, paying tribute to the master of comedic timing and character development.

In his late years, Witherspoon embarked on a new hobby: posting YouTube cooking videos!  His YouTube Channel features 20 videos of Witherspoon cooking different recipes with hilarious commentary.  The videos were published over a nine-year period, which suggests that cooking was one of Witherspoon’s passions and hobbies as he grew older.

On Monday, just hours before he passed, Witherspoon posted what would be his last cooking video.  The recipe?  Poor Man’s Louisiana Gumbo.

Not only is the video funny, the Gumbo he cooks looks delicious.  But, more importantly than that, the video provides insight into Witherspoon’s passing.  John Witherspoon was clearly happy before he died, and he had the opportunity to keep doing his favorite thing–making people laugh–all the way up to his untimely death.

R.I.P. John Witherspoon, and thanks for giving us one more good laugh before you had to go.