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Today, Tuesday, November 5th, is election day in Metro Detroit.  Public schools will have the day off to be converted into polling places, where citizens will gather en masse to decide on many important local and state issues.

But for some, local elections are much more confusing than national elections, for the simple fact that it is sometimes difficult to figure out what exactly you’re voting for or against.

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

But, 105.1 The Bounce is here to save the day and simplify this year’s local and state elections for you.

Here is a link to BallotPedia, a website that will allow you to find information on every issue being voted on in your area of residence, to help you decide and make a more informed decision.

Notable issues being voted on in Metro Detroit include medical and recreational cannabis, education proposals, and a number of seats in local and State government.

Voting is important; it is our best way to express freedom of speech and have our own beliefs, values, and opinions take shape in the policies of our government.  We encourage you strongly to get informed, make your voice heard, and get out and vote tomorrow!