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My girlfriend and I have been together about two years now…

I haven’t been in many serious relationships. Most of them have been flings or casual relationships. My girlfriend Kaitlyn and I have been official about two years and I’m starting to think about that next step. My feelings for her are undeniable. I love her to death and she completes me. She’s patient, respects my career and lifestyle and has a huge heart.

Women naturally mature faster than men and of course, she is ready to settle down and talk marriage and kids. She’s much younger than I am and that concerns me because I want her to be able to enjoy life and have fun before worrying about a marriage and having children, but she insists that joy comes from being with me. I believe her, but I’d never want her to resent me.

I’ve had a lot of fun and I feel like I am ready to take the next step towards engagement and even children down the road, but how do I know for sure? Some people tell me to enjoy life and don’t worry about all of that stuff until much later. Others are pushing me to put a ring on it and have kids now before I get too old. I’m 27 and I already have two kids that I’ve raised since birth. They’re not biologically mine, but they are my kids nonetheless.

I don’t know if there’s ever a RIGHT TIME to get married and settle down. Sometimes, you just know. I feel like despite our petty arguments and doubts that arise, I feel like she is the one. Do I go with my gut and get married or allow things to simmer for awhile?

Who’s the expert?!

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