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Since his untimely murder in 1996, rumors and conspiracy theories have circulated through pop culture regarding whether or not Tupac Shakur is, in fact, deceased.

Some say that he fled to a foreign country to live in seclusion after the attempt on his life, others say that he is dead.  Still more are unsure about whether or not 2Pac is still alive.

Today, a newly-posted video has the Internet buzzing with recurring question: Is 2Pac alive and hiding from the public eye, or is he actually dead?

The video, recorded surreptitiously from behind some bushes, shows a man who resembles 2Pac smoking a cigarette and walking around as he smiles and talks on a cell phone.  While the video is not clear enough to determine if the man has any tattoos that match 2Pac’s, he clearly bears a resemblance to the iconic rapper.:

Finally A Footage Of 2Pac Alive In 2020. Age 48.

Finally A Video Of 2Pac Alive 2019 Age 48.

What do you think about this video?  Do you think that this is 2Pac in the flesh, or just an elaborate hoax?  Let us know what you think!