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This isn’t uncommon with the world we live in where everything is on social media. Good or bad.

Idris Elba is removing himself from social media because he says the platform makes him depressed.

“I’ve been trying to wean myself off,” Elba explained. “I used to post a lot more, but it’s been putting me off lately. And Twitter’s just not how I want to receive my news. I read the news aggregated on my iPad, but I can’t check it constantly. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true, because it makes me feel depressed.”

He says that part of it is due to the disturbing and sad news stories that seem to pop up every day.

I’ve taken a break from social media myself – mostly due to breakups. I hate to see anything that reminds me of the person I’m trying to get over and seeing other happy couples surely doesn’t help. A social media breakup can be difficult but usually rewarding.

Have you ever taken a break from social media?

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