Food experts are saying to stop washing your Thanksgiving turkeys!

In a shocking new report, food experts are saying that you SHOULD NOT be washing your Thanksgiving turkeys…
According to the experts, washing your turkey before cooking it could spread the germs from the turkey to nearby food.
This advice can seem alarming and new for those that have been washing their turkeys before cooking it for so many years.

The experts even say don’t let your frozen turkey thaw on the counter either, because the germs could spread and multiply on the outer parts of the turkey first and then onto your counter. So thaw your bird in the fridge instead.
Oh, and after the cooking is done, the experts say you should store your food no later than two hours after eating.

Now, I’m not saying washing your turkey is the right or wrong thing to do…but I did want to provide you with this information so you can make your own decision. 
What do you think of this new revelation from experts?

Were YOU taught to wash your turkey before cooking?