An alleged prank by Florida middle school students backfired after their bus was evacuated due to an overabundance of Axe deodorant. The incident occurred Monday morning on a bus bound for Buffalo Creek Middle School in Manatee County. According to the Parrish Fire District, students crop-dusted the vehicle with an excessive amount of Axe body spray. Their effort was so pungent that all 30 passengers had to be evacuated from the vehicle due to the strong smell. A second bus arrived in the aftermath of the prank to transport them to school. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the Axe attack, although 15 students suffered “mild respiratory irritation” from inhaling the aromatic aerosol. They’ve since been treated and released. First responders are attributing the incident to a prank gone wrong. Bus cameras are currently being reviewed to identify the guilty antiperspirant pranksters.