I recently discovered my 16 year old Pug, is not a fan of Santa.

I fostered, and then adopted my Pug, Gus, through Pug Rescue Network seven years ago and it was love at first sight. I had no idea of his hate for large men with beards until Saturday afternoon when I took him to get his picture taken with Santa…

Grumpy Gus with Santa

Not only did he try wiggling his way off his lap, he tried pulling down his beard and biting him. I was determined to get his picture taken, so I ran into the shot and held his head away from Santa’s hand so he wouldn’t bite him…

Tracy, trying to calm Gus down

Gus attempting to bite Santa

Thank goodness the staff and Santa were understanding – we all laughed (except for Gus) and after apologizing, went on our “merry” way (see what I did there).

Grumpy Gus with Santa

Thank you to Pet Smart, for the adorable pics and wonderful staff…especially Santa.

Happy Holidays!

Love Tracy and Gus