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Could Jussie Smollett be returning for the Empire finale?

According to Fox News, Empire showrunner Brett Mahoney said, “It would be weird in my mind to end this family show and this family drama of which he was such a significant part of without seeing him. It’s fair to say it’s being discussed, but there’s no place as of yet to bring him back. There’s been no decision made.”

So far during this sixth and final season, Smollett’s character Jamal hasn’t been seen.

As you recall, Smollett’s charges of filing a false police report let to his character being written off the show.

Being a hardcore Empire fan and never missing an episode, it only makes sense to bring back Jamal for the final episode. I do think the series can end without him, but it’s not like he’s going to be getting anymore checks anyway after this is a wrap. Bring Jamal back!

Would you like to see Jussie Smollett return for the Empire finale?

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