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We all have itches sometimes, and sometimes these itches are hard to reach.  Some people have back scratchers for these hard-to-reach itches while others, like Gello, are quick to brush their back against a wall to satisfy those unreachable itches.

Recently, a 60-year-old Chinese man took the scratching of a hard-to-reach itch to new heights, when he went to the hospital after a 7-inch glass bottle became lodged in his anal cavity.

The explanation for how the bottle got stuck up there?  The man said that he started to itch down there, used the bottle to scratch it, and the bottle then “accidentally” got stuck up there.

This incident eventually brought this poor, 60-year-old man to the hospital.  According to the doctor who saw him, “The patient told me: ‘My abdomen hurts. There’s something inside. I can’t poop or fart.’ The entire glass bottle was inside his rectum. I could feel the bottle under his abdomen. He said his anus was itching. He said: ‘I was very uncomfortable, so I bought a bottle of Florida Water and began scratching the itch. Then the bottle accidentally went up my rectum.”

That must have been one heck of an itch!

Congratulations to this one unfortunate man for being today’s #DBagOfTheDay!